Sworn translations
Regular translations
English-Polish Polish-English English-Polish Polish-English
Standard 30 PLN* 30 PLN* 30 PLN* 30 PLN*
Express 40 PLN* 40 PLN* 40 PLN* 40 PLN*

Standard translation procedure – up to 2 working days
Express translation procedure – next day

The prices mentioned above concern the following number of characters with spaces per page:
1125 characters with spaces per page for sworn translations.
1500 characters with spaces per page for regular translations.

Translation procedure time exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

*The price list is not a commercial offer in accordance withart. 66 par. 1 of the Civic Code and are given for information only. Listed prices can vary. To get a final price for a given service please contact us for a tailored quotation.

Price samples for standard documents:

Translation from polish
Akt małżeństwa pełny 60 PLN*
Akt małżeństwa skrócony 40 PLN*
Akt urodzenia pełny 60 PLN*
Akt urodzenia skrócony 40 PLN*
Zaświadczenie o niekaralności 60 PLN*
Dyplom wyższej uczelni 40 PLN*
Translations from english
Registration Certificate V5C DVLA 80 PLN*
Standard invoice 50 PLN*
Birth Certificate 50 PLN*
Marriage Certificate 50 PLN*
University Diploma 40 PLN*
Certificate of Title USA 80 PLN*

The overseas translations are invoiced with EU VAT.